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Rich material contents, well-structured lectures and professionally delivered by knowledgeable professor
Arrow Mosele
Arrow Mosele
20:38 13 Aug 22
great program covered alot in a short period doing the one week video version
Dan Duggan
Dan Duggan
16:16 05 Aug 22
I had amazing instruction - my Instructor was Joseph J. White and the e-learning lessons were very helpful and thorough
Jennifer Lee Wilson
Jennifer Lee Wilson
14:30 01 Aug 22
One of the best course with amazing instructors and a tone of support
Nicky Junilla Ineza
Nicky Junilla Ineza
13:34 27 Jul 22
Information was delivered really well and made it easy to learn. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful if there were any questions.
Owen Lennox
Owen Lennox
20:07 21 Jul 22
REMIC 's teaching is wonderful.Full of knowledges. It is very worthwhile learning journey.
Rose Bloom
Rose Bloom
15:14 20 Jul 22
Great Institute to learn about Mortgage. Great Instructor Kevin Railings who provides day to day examples to make the concepts easier to understand. Intense week of Agent course but Kevin sails through the big book so easily. I highly recommend this course from REMIC.
Amita Nayyar
Amita Nayyar
13:32 14 Jul 22
The instructor was made the material very easy to understand with great instructions and examples. Would highly recommend this course.
Maureen Heywood
Maureen Heywood
20:25 11 Jul 22
Well organized. Teachers so nice. Super star REMIC
joy lau
joy lau
16:13 11 Jul 22
Amazing online course. Kevin is extremely through. Thanks so much!
Keither James
Keither James
20:03 07 Jul 22
Perfect to get and learn Kevin rallings is awsome
Vibha Shah
Vibha Shah
14:29 01 Jul 22
Great online course Kevin is attentive to all the attendees, and keeps it interesting. Always asking us questions to keep us engaged. Very Smooth and thorough. The best course out there.
Anthony Ierullo
Anthony Ierullo
20:11 20 Jun 22
I would like to recommend for every person who wants to take the course - do it with REMIC, it is very professional and informative.Tank you!
Oksana Burda
Oksana Burda
20:16 16 Jun 22
Easy to follow along. Great information and love the pdf's that accompany presentations.
Jennifer Lindsay
Jennifer Lindsay
16:31 14 Jun 22
Kevin was great at explaining all concepts. A very intensive week but learned more than I could have imagined in that short amount of time. Thank you Remic.
sarah bondy
sarah bondy
18:22 10 Jun 22
Great training. Lots of back up information . I liked all the different training material from videos to books along with practice tests.
Steven Rowe
Steven Rowe
19:42 01 Jun 22
It was a good course, very informative.. Lots of reading!
Carmen Wilson
Carmen Wilson
03:29 20 May 22
This course was informative and the instructor Kevin was well thorough, patient and knowledgeable. It was fast paced, but that is what I signed up for and went into it with that knowledge, however there are other modes available. Thank you REMIC for a great learning experience and would definitely recommend this course and REMIC to others.
Stacy Chance
Stacy Chance
19:37 13 May 22
Excellent course! Kevin is an amazing teacher. I learned so much! Highly recommend.
S Richards
S Richards
19:27 13 May 22
i am truly enjoying the course. I am learning and expanding my knowledge on mortgages. Looking forward to pursuing this career
antoinette sinopoli
antoinette sinopoli
01:04 12 May 22
Kevin is amazing.So smooth teaching. The best learning experience in Toronto so far.
Artur Dilanyan
Artur Dilanyan
01:01 10 May 22
Kevin Rallings and Joshep White were my teachers of the course. They were awesome, really knowledgeable an worthy. They taught well and the course contents were good. The Materials were good. Thanks.
Manoj R
Manoj R
21:55 07 May 22
Taking the course was a great experience at Remic. They provide have a lot of helpful tools in place to help you study and prepare for the exam.
Shana Sinclair
Shana Sinclair
01:12 29 Apr 22
The best online course I have done with Kevin - Great teacher! This place nails it down to what you need to learn only to get your exam done!
LuRe Derks
LuRe Derks
13:33 28 Apr 22
It was a great experience. Everything is pretty well laid out. The online exam scheduling was easy and clear instructions were provided.
Gaurav Gulati
Gaurav Gulati
15:58 18 Apr 22
I had an amazing experience with REMIC and got a job really quickly. My REMIC facilitator was very knowledgeable and I learned so much about the mortgage industry. I look forward to working in the mortgage industry and helping my customers to achieve their own dreams of owning a place of their own.
Rosaria Brotto
Rosaria Brotto
18:05 07 Apr 22
The renewal course was very well laid out and easy to navigate.
Vipra Purohit
Vipra Purohit
19:41 31 Mar 22
Very interesting and very informative Course. Would recommend it for professionals of all walks that are involved in the lending industry.Thank you for the experience.Sincerely, Fraser H. Currie
pineapple 1
pineapple 1
14:42 31 Mar 22
Markland Smith
Markland Smith
14:51 30 Mar 22
Joe, Lucy and Kevin. They are wonderful Teachers. The best Mortgage Agent Course. All of the instructors are very patience and explained well- Sumathi
Accelerator Pedal
Accelerator Pedal
00:39 25 Mar 22
This course is very informative and I learned so much. The resources and material they provide you with really prepare you to become a mortgage agent.
Sylvia Osei
Sylvia Osei
18:53 24 Mar 22
This REMIC CE course is very well designed and very informative.
James S.
James S.
14:38 24 Mar 22
The course was very informative and user friendly. It definitely included important information for my field! I highly recommend it!
Tanya Scata
Tanya Scata
22:39 22 Mar 22
Interesting and thorough course; had plenty of time to work through it at my leisure, evenings and weekends.
Irene Peters
Irene Peters
00:08 22 Mar 22
I am very happy to graduate and become licensed as Mortgage Agent via REMIC. REMIC has helped me achieve a magnificent career. I highly recommend REMIC to all aspirants.
Sukin Tamrakar
Sukin Tamrakar
23:44 20 Mar 22
Mortgage Agent Course FAQs

Career FAQs - Mortgage Agent Course

There are 3 steps to get mortgage agent licensed in Ontario:

1. Pass The Course - the mortgage agent course can be done in as little as 5 days for as little as $338.

2. Get Hired - you must join a mortgage brokerage first before you can get licensed.

3. Complete the FSRA Application - the FSRA (formerly FSCO) licensed mortgage brokerage applies to FSRA for your mortgage agent license.

More info here

The mortgage agent course can be completed from start to finish in as little as 5 days, but you have up to 6 months.

Typically there are many brokerages that are seeking new agent in Ontario. We recommend using the FREE REMIC Job Bank where there are dozens of brokerages looking for new agents.

Mortgage agents are typically paid a commission by the lender (via their brokerage) after the mortgage is funded.  The fee or commission amount is based on a number of basis points (bps), or “beeps” as they’re commonly referred to in the brokerage industry.  See more here.

Mortgage Agent Course Overview

Complete the Ontario Mortgage Agent Course (RMAC) for licensing in-class, by live webcast or completely online in as little as 5 days or take up to 6 months

Course Overview

Mortgage Agent Course Overview

Course Summary:
Course Length: 47 hours (estimated)
Course Delivery: In-class, live webcast, online or mixed mode (in-class and online)
Final Examination: 3 hours (in-person, when reinstated or online proctored)
Enrolment Period: one week up to 6 months

Topics Covered:
REMIC’s mortgage agent course is based on the textbook ‘Mortgage Brokering in Ontario – Agent Edition' written by REMIC founder Joseph White. The textbook is comprised of 23 different chapters, that touch on all the aspects that are included in the mortgage process.

For a detailed breakdown of the type of information that is in the course, you can click here to view the full table of contents.

In-class Course


REMIC offers 3 different types of in-class registration (courses) designed to meet the varying needs of our students who prefer the in-class experience. All courses run from 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM and all modes include:

  • A hard copy of the mortgage agent textbook
  • Immediate full online access including a exam preparation guide and practice exams
  • The exam and a rewrite if neccessary (fees may apply)

Monday to Friday

  • Perfect if want to complete the course quickly and can committ a full week
  • 5 days in-class in a row Monday - Friday
  • the exam is written on Friday

2 Saturdays

  • Perfect for you if you want "face time" with your instructor but you can't commit to a full week
  • 1st Saturday in-class, 6 days online, 2nd Saturday in-class
  • the exam is written on the second Saturday

5 Sundays

  • Perfect if you want 5 full days in-class but can't commit 5 consecutive days
  • 5 consecutive Sundays in-class
  • the exam is written on the last Sunday

Live Webcast Course


REMIC offers 3 different types of live webcast registration (courses) designed to meet the varying needs of our students who prefer the live-class experience. All courses run from 10AM - 4PM and all modes include:

  • A hard copy of the mortgage agent textbook
  • Immediate full online access including a exam preparation guide and practice exams
  • Exams ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE DURING COVID-19 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - AFTER COVID-19 restrictions are lifted exams will be available every Monday and Friday in Toronto or at any College or University of your choice

Live webcast courses are perfect for you if you prefer the live course experience but do not want to attend a physical in-class setting. During the web class you will be able to ask questions and get immediate response from the instructor.

Online Course


The online course is best suited for those students who are able to work on their own, enjoy or need to be able to work at their own pace and have a minimum level of self-motivation. This version of the course offers the flexibility to meet even the most demanding schedules.

REMIC offers 2 different types of online courses. Online registration with a hard copy of the textbook for $365 and online registration with an e-textbook (pdf) only for $338.

Each version includes:

  • Dedicated online instrcutor
  • Immediate online access including a pdf soft copy of the textbook
  • Online quizzes, discussions, assignments, video tutorials and the exam prep guide and practice exam
  • Finish the course from within 1 week or take up to 6 months
  • Exams ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE DURING COVID-19 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - AFTER COVID-19 restrictions are lifted exams will be available every Monday and Friday in Toronto or at any College or University of your choice

Course FAQ

FAQ Topics- Click on a topic to see the available questions

FAQ Questions - Click on a question to see the answerTax Deductions


Online assignments


Job Placement

Registration / Paying for a course


Online course

In-Class Courses

FAQ Answers
Do I get a T2202A? T2202A forms are issued to students who have paid $100.00 or more in eligible fees for qualifying courses beginning and ending in a particular calendar year.

Is this course tax deductible?In depth questions regarding the use of the T2202A form in the tax preparation process should be directed to Revenue Canada. Tax guides are available from any Revenue Canada office or a Post Office. Revenue Canada also publishes a booklet called "Students & Income Tax" - Government form P105(E).

When do you issue the T2202A? Official receipts for income tax purposes covering tuition fees paid for qualifying courses taken during the preceding calendar year are available in late February. In accordance with Revenue Canada regulations, official receipts (T2202A Forms) are only issued for tuition fees totalling $100.00 or more. Materials and administrative fees are not eligible for tax deduction.

How long is the final exam? You have 3 hours to complete the exam.

How many questions are on the final exam? The final exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions, many based on case studies that are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the course material as required by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA).

Where can I write my final exam? Exams can now be completed fully online. If you are doing the course online and within the GTA, REMIC hosts examinations at our head office training facility every week at Sheppard and Victoria Park. If you are doing the course online and are outside the GTA, you can choose to write your examination at any College or University test centre of your choice. If you are doing an in-class course, you would write the examination on the last day of the course. REMIC offers courses at both our Toronto and Mississauga location.

When will I get my grade / know if I passed? If writing in person in the GTA you will have access to your final mark online the same day as you wrote your examination. If writing at a College or University we will typically advise you within 24 hours as we request that the College or University fax your exam to us immediately as well as courier your original exam to us. If writing online your results is typically available within 3 business days.

When do I get my certificate if I pass? Once you have been notified that you have passed the course you will be required to log in to the online section of the course and complete our feedback. You will then be able to print your certificate of completion and save it electronically.

What do I have to bring to the exam? You must bring your photo ID (either a driver’s license or valid passport) and one additional piece of valid identification, , a pen or pencil and your calculator. No other aids are allowed during the exam.

Do I have to do the online assignments and discussions? No, however they are designed to help you understand the material and will greatly increase your chances of passing the final exam. While your final grade is based solely on the final exam, it is strongly recommended that you complete all assigned tasks in the course.

Is this course recognized by the regulator / Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA)?Yes, the REMIC Mortgage Agent Course (RMAC) is approved by FSRA and meets the educational requirements to obtain a mortgage agent license in Ontario.

How do I apply for my license once I'm finished the course? Once you have passed the course you must then be hired by a licensed mortgage brokerage that will initiate the licensing process on your behalf. This is a Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) requirement.

Do I have to take continuing education to maintain my license? Yes, there is a mandatory course that you will need to take before you are able to renew your license. In 2012 it was the Mortgage Broker Re-Licensing Education 2012 course, which was a 5 hour course. We provided it online for $30 and in-class for $50.

Do I have to begin the course on a specific date? If taking RMAC online you have the flexibility to begin your course at any date, and you may complete it within as little as one week or up to 6 months - the choice is yours. If taking the in-class course you must begin and end the course on set dates.

How much time should I devote to the course each day? This depends on your learning skills. While some take longer others learn and understand the material more quickly. The course is designed to be completed in 47 hours, which includes online exercises, tutorials, assignments, tests, and reading. We suggest that you set aside at least this amount of time to complete the course.

How do I receive my textbook? You will receive an online login immediately following your registration that gives you access to an electronic version of the textbook, whether you are doing the course in-class or online. This way you can get started in the course right away! REMIC will also ship you a hard copy of the textbook within 2 business days.

What is the cost of the course? The cost of the course ranges from $338 to $365 (printed textbook) and includes, online delivery, the examination and a free rewrite if needed.

How can I pay for the course? Through REMIC's secure shopping cart you can pay by credit card or using your PayPal account.> In person at 2175 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 213 where you can pay by debit card, Visa, Mastercard or cash.

Who teaches the course? Only qualified, experienced industry experts are used to teach the course, which was developed by veteran industry expert and REMIC President, Joseph J. White who is also the author of the textbook.

How does job placement work? Once you have passed the course you will have the option to create a free account in the REMIC Shark Bank. The Shark Bank allows you to view job postings from brokerages across Ontario. Like a typical job bank, mortgage brokerages will also have access to your resume and cover letter (should you include them), allowing them to contact you directly and setup an interview. REMIC will provide you information and resources that will assist you in the interview process; understanding the procedures and knowing the right questions are vital when choosing a brokerage to join as a mortgage agent. This is a completely free service for all previous REMIC RMAC students.

What if I fail the exam? If you fail the exam you can arrange a rewrite exam at the next available exam date. If you fail the rewrite you must re-enroll in the course, paying the full tuition. This is a FSRA requirement.

Do I need to be internet or "tech savvy" to take the online course? No, the course is designed for those with basic computing skills, however the course contains rich, interactive content designed to engage you.

What if I disagree with my exam grade? REMIC gives you acces to an Exam Review Report that details the section and topics from the textbook that you missed. If you fail the exam you may request to review it at a time convenient to both yourself and REMIC (due to current restrictions the exam review is not available at this time). Please refer to our Policies and Procedures Manual for additional information.

Do I have access to a "live" person in the online course? Of course! Your Professor, an industry professional, is there to help, Monday to Friday during regular business hours.

Am I on my own in the online course? No, we are here to help! Your online course has a dedicated Professor who will interact with you, answering your questions and helping you along the way, when you need it. In addition, you are able to communicate with your fellow students in the course via chat message and open discussions.

Are there any prerequisites to taking the course? No, the course is available to anyone, however it is recommended that you have at least a high school education with equivalent English or French language and math skills.

When can I drop the course and get a refund? Can I transfer or get an extension? A student who wishes to withdraw from RMAC may do so by completing the request to withdrawal form and submitting it to REMIC. Please click here to open the Student Academic Policy which includes the withdrawal form. Upon receipt the request will be processed based on the following schedule: After registration but before the examination AND within 30 days of registration: 100% refund MINUS a $150 withdrawal fee. During or after the examination or after 30 days after registration: No credit and No refund.

Can I transfer my enollment to another user? Yes, during your enrollment you can withdraw and transfer the course to someone else. There is a $100 fee to do this.

What is the pass/fail rate? REMIC does not publicize these statistics as they have no impact on your individual results and in publicizing these types of statistics a student may put more or less work into the course than required based on his or her perception. Students may defer the exam indefinitely if he or she feels unprepared for the exam. There is no cost for this privilege.

I'm not prepared for the exam. What can I do? You can request to defer the exam without cost or penalty, as long as the course is completed within 6 months of initial registration. This option is available to both online and in-class students. As REMIC hosts open examinations every week, when you are ready you can book yourself in and write the exam.

Can I work at my own pace? Yes. You can complete the course in as little as one week or take up to 6 months - the choice is yours.

What is the difference between an agent and a broker? A broker and agent both ‘broker’ mortgages, however a broker may also hire agents and be the principal broker of a brokerage (equivalent to the Chief Compliance Officer). A broker does not necessarily earn more on a mortgage transaction than an agent. In addition, a broker must have been a licensed agent for at least two years, take and pass the broker course for licensing, and be approved by FSRA to upgrade his or her license from an agent to a broker.

Once registered, how long does it take before I get access to the online course? Whether you register for an in-class or online course you will have immediate access to the online information. This includes a soft copy of the textbook, audio-backed video tutorials, assignments, discussions, a case study and a full exam prep guide and practice exam. REMIC will also ship you a hard copy of the textbook within 2 business days. All registrations are subject to REMIC’s acceptance policy. Any students not accepted will have their registration fee fully refunded.

Is this course offered in house at brokerage's offices? REMIC offers the REMIC Mortgage Agent Course (RMAC) in house to several brokerages, based on the brokerage meeting certain quality control and professional standards. The course is taught by a REMIC Professor and standard exam security is employed regardless of the location of the course. There is no difference in the course cost, content and/or exam, regardless of where it is delivered. A brokerage may charge an additional fee to the student for additional services it provides before or after the course, however the REMIC charge is $345 and REMIC does not charge nor does it receive any additional fees.

How long is the course valid/good for? The course is valid for 2 years from the time you pass your exam. If you do not obtain a mortgage agent license within this time you must retake the course.

How do I register for the mortgage agent licensing course? Registration is easy. Simply go to and follow the instructions using our secure online payment system. You can also register in person at our head office training facility at 2175 Sheppard Ave East Suite 213, North York, ON, M2J1W8 (Business hours are Mon-Fri, 9AM - 5PM). We accept Visa, Mastercard, debit, cash or certified cheque.

Mortgage Agent Course Registration Options

All Mortgage Agent Courses include
Immediate access       6 month enrollment       Dedicated instructor       Full version of Course Textbook as a PDF       Registration bonuses

Online self-paced


If you're self-motivated

  • Online self-study at your own pace
  • E-book or hard textbook
  • Completely flexible schedule
More Info

1 Week FastTrack


Fast! 1 week Monday to Friday

  • 5-days, Mon-Fri, Intensive Live Webcasts
  • 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • E-book + Hard Copy Textbook (shipping extra) couriered to you
Check Dates

1 Week Mixed Mode


You're self-motivated & want in class instruction

  • 2 Saturday webcasts w/6 days online
  • 25% teaching, 75% self-study
  • E-book + Hard Copy Textbook (shipping extra) couriered to you
Check Dates

5 Week Normal Track


If you want more time to study

  • 5 Sunday Live Webcasts w/7 days in between
  • 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • E-book + Hard Copy Textbook (shipping extra) couriered to you
Check Dates

[NEW!] Weeknights over 4 weeks


If your days are full

  • Tues, Wed, Thurs for 4 weeks
  • 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
  • E-book + Hard Copy Textbook (shipping extra) couriered to you
Check Dates

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