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5 Reasons You Need Social Media As A Mortgage Agent

Everyone in the real estate and mortgage industry will tell you lead generation is their highest priority. It’s no surprise that friends and family referrals or past client testimonials assist in generating new potential leads. While setting up a website and printing business cards definitely sets you in the right direction, there are other marketing avenues to consider.

After social media entered the marketing landscape, reaching potential clients has become accessible to anyone and anywhere. Here are 5 key reasons why you need social media for your business:

1 – Get With The Times

The internet changes every day – and so should you! Why do people consider changing their business cards, logo, or website? If you saw an outdated website for a company, would you trust them over a company that was well branded and trendy? By that same logic, creating relevant social media accounts and actively participating in content creation and sharing, shows potential clients you are always on top of current trends, new policies and procedures, and news – this increases credibility and builds trust.

2 – Build Brand Ambassadors

Not every potential client will use the same type of social network, so it’s important to know where your biggest market is and reach out to them. Amongst the most effective social channels for brand building is Twitter. Hashtags have made it easier to find your market and ‘listen’ to their conversations. Simple social etiquettes such as follows, retweets, and favourites can go a long way. You may have or have not conducted business with a follower before, but it is still relatively easy to win them over with conversation. Remember, a follower is just that – a follower – until you get to know them and their needs. Part of building brand ambassadors is to learn what drives them, what they search for, and cater your content and conversation to reflect this. Thank us later.

3 – Show Them You’re Human

Everyone can see your newspaper ad, that lawn sign, and the flyers you post to promote yourself – but how many actually remember you? However, consider how many advertisements a person is exposed to on a daily basis – too many to count, eh? Now think about the fact that if you are a walking advertisement, you are no different than any other person trying to generate more business. Many will use social media for personal use, but if you combine a little bit of personal to a business account you are sure to be more memorable. Social media is great to promote your business, but too many promotional posts can be overwhelming for followers. Read an interesting article or watched a funny video? Consider sharing it on your business social media channels once in a while, to let your followers know you are there to ‘socialize’ and not just promote. Tip: limit controversial, political, and religious posts (do not associate them with your business publicity).

4 – Drive Traffic To Your Site

So, you have a weekly blog set up on your website but lack visitors? Social media is perfect for promoting an article or directing visitors to your website. Try creating various titles for your post depending on your target market and share them on social media. Always make sure your social media accounts have your website, address, phone number and other relevant contact details under the business ‘about’ section.

5 – Capture Potential Leads

If you have a lead capture system in place on your website, social media can help you direct followers to the appropriate area. Offering a free e-book or weekly newsletter subscription can assist in capturing information from potential leads. Another way to capture information is to post quizzes on social media that would interest your target market. Engaging content is helpful in attracting the right audience, but interactive content like quizzes will help obtain information that will assist you in reaching out to them. Tip: Try using a quiz tool like SurveyMonkey. Remember, learning what’s important to your followers will help you engage them in conversation and convert them to either a brand ambassador or potential lead.

Consider This

Mobile devices have increased social media usage since content sharing has become easier. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then a business social media page can be used to reach out to the mobile users. In any case, social media is a free and easy-to-use power tool that can help you reach potential leads in a matter of seconds – anywhere and anytime. Thank you internet.

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