REMIC is pleased to be able to offer you, as a REMIC student, access to our free bonus courses, the ten Brokering Essentials courses, with a combined value of $250, at absolutely no cost.  These courses are approximately 2 hours long each and cover the following topics:Ontario Mortgage Agent Course Free Bonus Courses

Free Bonus Courses

  1. Basic Mortgage Concepts – the basic info that everyone should know
  2. Advanced Mortgage Concepts – different mortgage products
  3. Taking a Mortgage Application – a key step in the process
  4. Interpreting a Credit Report – what is a credit report and what does it tell us?
  5. Application Analysis – Application Ratios – GDS, TDS and LTV
  6. Application Analysis – Borrower Documents – what documents to expect in the mortgage process
  7. Application Analysis – The Property – what is an appraisal and what does it tell us?
  8. Choosing a Lender – an important step in getting your client approved
  9. Submitting the Application and Obtaining a Commitment – doing it right the first time
  10. Closing the Transaction – making sure your client is happy and everything goes smoothly

All ten of the REMIC free bonus courses are offered online to REMIC students.  Students can access these free bonus courses once logging in to REMIC’s online school at

Registering for a REMIC course is easy.  Go to to start reading about the REMIC mortgage agent course, career opportunities and getting licensed. Be sure to check out our job bank that is free for REMIC students.  The REMIC job bank is used by industry mortgage brokerages looking at hiring new mortgage agents and is a fantastic free bonus for all of REMIC’s students.

Once registered in a REMIC Mortgage agent course students begin enjoying direct access to their instructor as well as REMIC’s fanatical service and support.

REMIC has two convenient locations, one in Toronto and the other in Mississauga.