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Becoming a mortgage broker

Property Value Fraud

Property Value Fraud The Appraisal Property value fraud can occur when criminals, in association with a dishonest appraiser, may have a property appraised at a higher value than it is worth. The criminal will then obtain a mortgage based on the inflated value and abscond with the money. This results in the lender taking possession […]

11 Ways Consumers Can Prevent Mortgage Fraud

11 Ways Consumers Can Prevent Mortgage Fraud While there are several methods available to industry participants to assist in preventing fraud, there are also several approaches available to consumers.  The following advice should be given to a mortgage agent’s client. Title Insurance Consumers should obtain title insurance on every property that they buy and get […]

5 Defects to Avoid in a Mortgage Contract

5 Defects to Avoid in a Contract A contractual defect is a significant flaw in a contract that affects the intention to create a legal relationship, causing the contract to be void or voidable. This type of defect can be caused by:• Misrepresentation• Duress• Undue Influence • Unconscionable Acts• Mistakes. Misrepresentation Misrepresentation is a false […]

Our Top 10 Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

10 Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs Every now and then we all need a little motivation and inspiration to get through the day and keep on pushing.Here are some entrepreneurial quotes we’ve put together to help you transition into your new career as a mortgage agent. Feel free to tweet them out by clicking the button […]

TFSA and Mortgage Investing

TFSA and Mortgage Investing The TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) limit increase, based on a 2011 Conservative election promise, is going to be a great boon to those who are in the middle class.  Especially those who invest in high yield investment, such as mortgages.  The limit has been increased from $5,000 to $10,000, and […]

50 Free Image Websites for your Blog

50 Free image websites for your blog If you’re trying to do more blogging to drive visits to your website (and you should be doing this!), you should also know that adding images greatly increases the time that someone stays on your site by reading your material.  Images grab the readers attention, and often convey […]

Mortgage Fraud for Shelter

Mortgage Fraud for Shelter Fraud for shelter is one of the most common forms of fraud in the mortgage industry. This type of fraud occurs when an individual wishes to purchase a home in which to reside with no intent to abscond with mortgage funds or fraudulently sell the property by misstating or misrepresenting his […]

7 Advertising Techniques Brokers Should Avoid

7 Advertising Techniques Brokers Should Avoid Brokerages must be keenly aware of the definitions of the terms used in this Regulation, especially in this climate of financial turmoil and the increase of oversight of lending and brokering practices. Several other jurisdictions have already deemed phraseology currently used by some Ontario brokerages as deceptive or misleading. […]

FSCO’s New Investor and Lender Disclosure Forms

FSCO Providing New Investor and Lender Disclosure Forms On Monday, June 8, 2015 FSCO released five new investor and lender disclosure forms. This new set of forms replaces the current set of investor and lender disclosure forms, and aims to provide investors and lenders enhanced disclosure in Ontario for mortgage brokered transactions.

Top 6 Cold Calling Tips

The Top 6 Cold Calling Tips – Web leads Cold calling is probably the most feared sales activity known to mankind, at least for most salespeople. And with good cause. The majority of calls that we make end up in the wastebasket after several attempts to contact, followed by a short, nasty conversation. It’s no […]