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6 Popular Social Media Platforms – Which Ones Should You Use?

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform For Your Business So everyone’s always talking about social media and it’s benefits, but what you’re really wondering is: Is it worth the effort? Do smaller businesses get attention? How often should I be using it? Which social media platforms are relevant for my business?

5 Reasons You Need Social Media As A Mortgage Agent

5 Reasons You Need Social Media As A Mortgage Agent Everyone in the real estate and mortgage industry will tell you lead generation is their highest priority. It’s no surprise that friends and family referrals or past client testimonials assist in generating new potential leads. While setting up a website and printing business cards definitely […]

Optimize Your Website To Increase Newsletter Subscription

Optimize Your Website To Increase Newsletter Subscription As a new real estate or mortgage agent, you’ve got the basics covered: website, business cards, email newsletter and social media accounts. One of the greatest challenges for anyone in this industry is generating more leads. Content marketing through blogging and e-newsletters are highly effective in attracting potential […]

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4 Ways To Perfect Your Sales Call

 4 Ways To Perfect Your Sales Call Remember: the goal of an advertisement is to get people to call. The goal of the agent is to get an appointment with the caller as long as the agent believes that the caller is qualified. Agents must also consider that meeting with those who may not qualify has its merits. The […]

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The Mortgage Agent’s Guide To Niche Marketing

 The Mortgage Agent’s Guide To Niche Marketing Niche marketing is the ability of a marketer to target a specific group or demographic and design a marketing campaign that answers the needs of that group or demographic. An excellent example of niche marketing can be found in the automobile insurance industry by  companies with a program designed […]

How to Win a Face-2-Face Client Meeting

How to Win a Face-2-Face Client Meeting There are three basic places where a mortgage agent can meet a client: The client’s home The mortgage agent’s office Another outside location. There are several positives and negatives for each location, but it is important to focus on providing good customer service for the client, so wherever […]

Close More Deals By Leveraging Your Client Database

4 Free Tools To Prospect and Manage Your Client Database Database marketing is the function of warehousing potential and existing client information in an electronic medium that allows the user to assemble or list these clients in groups to whom marketing efforts may be directed.  Database marketing begins with a single client and can be […]

8 Dynamite Ways to Get More Mortgage Referral Sources

Referrals refer to those clients who have been advised to do business with the mortgage agent by a third party. A client may be referred to him or her by a financial planner, a Real Estate saleperson, an insurance agent, a past client, or whoever has come into contact with the mortgage agent in the past. This […]

5 Winning Strategies to Engage Your Customers Online

When you think of online customer engagement, social media automatically comes to mind. However, simply creating those social media pages is not enough. It’s no surprise that approximately 72% of all internet users are now active on social media – with 71% accessing these sites using a mobile device. The ultimate goal of any social […]

1000 Blog Shares: dynamite ways to get your blog shared 1000 times

Today is a quick, mini-blog. Blogging is a fantastic way to increase your web presence.  I had the honour of doing a presentation at the MI/Invis PD day yesterday, October 1st on blogging, and I’d like to continue what I started yesterday with some more great information on getting your blog shared. To have an […]