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Fundamentals of Mortgage Investing

This 6 hour in class workshop is ideal for an individual wishing to learn more about private and syndicated mortgages.

It covers the learning outcomes for those who are considering a career

  • investing in private or syndicated mortgages, or
  • brokering private or syndicated mortgages

Upcoming Dates:

FMI100 covers the following topics:

  1. Overview of the mortgage investment industry
    1. Private mortgage
    2. Syndicated mortgage
    3. Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)
    4. comparing mortgage investments to other forms of investments
  2. Funding Sources
    1. Sources of funds, i.e. using RRSP and registered funds
    2. Advertising / marketing to borrowers
  3. Rates of Return
    1. Interest rates
    2. Selling a mortgage
    3. Ensuring rates and fees are legal
  4. Underwriting
    1. Exit strategies
    2. Underwriting syndicated mortgages
    3. Underwriting private mortgages
  5. Investor/Lender Protection
    1. Knowing your investor/lender
    2. Material risks
    3. Investor/lender disclosure