Mortgage Agent Course OverviewRMAC Course Overview – REMIC Mortgage Agent Course for Licensing (RMAC)

The first step in becoming a licensed mortgage agent begins with taking and completing the REMIC mortgage agent course for licensing (RMAC). This course is required by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) to become a licensed mortgage agent or mortgage broker in Ontario.

Table of Contents


Mortgage Agent Course Summary

      • Course Length: 47 hours
      • Course Delivery: online, live webcast or in class
      • Final Examination: 3 hours in person (online exam option coming June 2020)
      • Enrollment Period: one week up to 6 months

How to Register in 2 Steps

Step 1: Choose your course mode, either in class, live webcast or online. If you choose the in class or live webcast you have 3 different options to choose from:

      • 5 days Mon to Fri – 5 days in class in a row
      • 2 Saturdays – 2 consecutive Saturdays in class with 6 days online in between
      • 5 Sundays – 5 consecutive Sundays in class.

Step 2: If in class or live webcast click on a course date to register. If online click here or go to to see the online course options. Choose one by clicking on “register now”.

      • Registrations are accepted online, by telephone at 877-447-3642 or in person at 2175 Sheppard Ave East suite 307 (our office is closed at this time due to COVID-19).

What happens once I Register?

Once you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your course details. All course options come with immediate access to an online section of the course. Once registered you can log in right away. You will also receive a hard copy of the textbook via Canada Post within 2 business days (there may be delays due to COVID-19) unless you registered for the e-textbook course OR unless your course starts within 5 business days – in this case you will be given your textbook in class on your first day.  Of course you still have immediate access to the online version of the textbook.

Topics Covered

The topics in the course are all based on REMIC’s textbook ‘Mortgage Brokering in Ontario – Agent Edition. The textbook is comprised of 23 different Chapters as per below, that touch on all the aspects that are included in the mortgage process.  If you are looking for a detailed breakdown of the type of information that is in the course, you can click here to view/download a full table of contents.

Chapter 1: Market OverviewChapter 13: Application Analysis – Application Ratios
Chapter 2: Basic Mortgage ConceptsChapter 14: Application Analysis – Borrower Credit
Chapter 3: Advanced Mortgage ConceptsChapter 15: Application Analysis – The Property
Chapter 4: Property Ownership in OntarioChapter 16: Choosing the Lender
Chapter 5: Regulation and LegislationChapter 17: Submitting the Application
Chapter 6: Transaction OverviewChapter 18: Borrower Disclosure
Chapter 7: Insurance in the Mortgage IndustryChapter 19: Closing the Transaction
Chapter 8: Calculating a Mortgage PaymentChapter 20: Contract Law
Chapter 9: Attracting a ClientChapter 21: Mortgage Remedies
Chapter 10: First ContactChapter 22: Mortgage Fraud
Chapter 11: The Initial ConsultationChapter 23: Ethics and Mortgage Brokering
Chapter 12: Application Analysis – Borrower DocumentsFinal Case Study

Mortgage Agent Course Duration

For the in class courses the examination is set for the last day of the course. You can choose to defer the exam at no penalty as long as you complete it within 6 months. For the live web class and the online course you must complete the course within 6 months. However, most students get through it much faster.

Mortgage Agent Course Formats

We offer several different types of in-class courses designed to meet the varying needs of our students who prefer the in-class experience.  The material is the same as in the online course, however in class you also have the benefit of the live experience.  Another main difference between the online and the in-class course is the time allotted to complete the course.  The online course can be completed in up to 6 months, while the in class course is completed in its format.  So a five day course is completed in those five days, while 5 Sundays are completed in that time frame. However, if you don’t feel that you are prepared to write the exam at the end of the in class course (perhaps you could not devote the time necessary during the course) you can defer the exam at no cost.  It’s as simple as requesting that from your instructor.  You will also receive a hard copy of the textbook within 2 business days unless your course starts within 5 business days – in this case you will be given your textbook in class on your first day.  Of course you still have immediate access to the online version of the textbook.

In Class / Live Webcast Course Format – $385

ALL in class courses include full online access to video tutorials, interactive quizzes, discussion questions, a case study, a full exam prep guide and practice examination. REMIC offers 3 different types of in-class/live webcast courses designed to meet the varying needs of our students who prefer the in-class experience. All courses run from 10AM – 4PM:

        • Monday to Friday
          • Perfect if want to complete the course quickly and can committ a full week
          • 5 days in-class in a row Monday – Friday
          • the exam is written on Friday
        • 2 Saturdays
          • Perfect for you if you want “face time” with your instructor but you can’t commit to a full week
          • 1st Saturday in-class, 6 days online, 2nd Saturday in-class
          • the exam is written on the second Saturday
        • 5 Sundays
          • Perfect if you want 5 full days in-class but can’t commit 5 consecutive days
          • 5 consecutive Sundays in-class
          • the exam is written on the last Sunday

Online Course Format

The online course is best suited for those students who are able to work on their own, enjoy or need to be able to work at their own pace and have a minimum level of self-motivation.  The online course offers you the flexibility to complete it in as little as one week or take up to six months.  This means that it has the flexibility to meet even the most demanding schedules.  Designed for ease of use, our online course combines video tutorials, interactive assignments, a very user-friendly textbook and the ability to communicate with your dedicated instructor online when you need the help.

Each version includes:

      • Dedicated online instructor
      • Immediate online access including a pdf soft copy of the textbook
      • Online quizzes, discussions, assignments, video tutorials and the exam prep guide and practice exam
      • Finish the course from within 1 week or take up to 6 months
      • Exams every Monday and Friday in Toronto, every other Monday in Mississauga, or at any College or University of your choice
        • Online with a hard copy of the textbook – $365
          • REMIC will ship you a hard copy of the textbook within 2 business days
        • Online with e-textbook only – $338
          • Immediate online access including a pdf soft copy of the textbook

Mortgage Agent Course and Academic Support

REMIC offers unparalleled support to our students. For academic support you have constant access to your instructor via email and through the online portal. The online section of the course includes a full examination prep guide and practice examination. In addition, REMIC has a Live Chat service operated 9:00AM – 7:00PM Monday-Friday. You can also call us at 877-447-3642. REMIC also offers free job placement assistance for all of our graduates. This is a completely free service that you can take advantage of once you complete the course!

The Final Exam

RMAC provides you with all of the material you need to prepare for the exam, including exam preparation quizzes based on previous exams. If you fail your first attempt you have the option to come and review your exam at no additional cost. You will also have one free rewrite. Once you pass you’ll have your results within 24 hours, including your certificate!  REMIC is the only provider providing results this fast.

Online:  The exam can be written at our Toronto location or at any College or University test centre in Canada. For online students within the GTA REMIC hosts exams every Friday from 1 PM to 4 pm at our Toronto location

      • In Class: Exams are held on the final day of your course, from 1 pm to 4 pm (unless otherwise noted in the course).  If you don’t feel ready to write the exam on the last day of your in class course you can defer the exam for up to 6 months from the date that you registered, at no cost and no penalty and write it on on any exam date in Toronto (typically held every Friday except for holidays), or at any College or University test centre in Canada (a separate cost would apply in that case)
      • Exam format: paper based (online exam option coming in June 2020)
      • Exam length: 3 hours
      • Question format: Multiple Choice (some questions will reference a case study)
      • Attempts: 2 attempts (no additional charge for a rewrite)
      • NOTE: There is no penalty for missed exams and you can re-schedule your exam free of charge
      • Passing grade: 60% (30/50)
      • Results: Exam results (and certificate if passed) are given within 24 hours with the exam score
      • Exam Review: For students who do not pass their first attempt a free exam review is available

Mortgage Agent Course Prerequisites

The mortgage agent course in Ontario is available to anyone; however it is recommended that you have at least a high school education with equivalent English or French language and math skills.

Licensing Prerequisites

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario has set out the following additional requirements in order to become licensed after completing the course:

      • be 18 years of age or older,
      • be a resident of Canada,
      • have a mailing address in Ontario that can receive registered mail (not a post office box),
      • be authorized by a Mortgage Brokerage to deal in mortgages,
      • work for only one Mortgage Brokerage,
      • meet the Mortgage Agent education requirements, and
      • have a valid e-mail address (this is necessary for the application process)

Registration Policy / Academic Handbook

Click here to download the student enrollment policy/academic handbook