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Thank you for attending our webinar on commercial mortgage brokering.  You can download the slide deck by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

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An Introduction to Commercial Mortgage Brokering – April 24, 2015, One Day Workshop – $148 – ONLY $98 using discount code web0409

You will learn:

Module 1: Overview of the Commercial Mortgage Market  • Describe the size and scope of the commercial mortgage market • Discuss the income potential in a commercial transaction • List and describe the different types of commercial properties • List and describe the key participants in a commercial transaction • Describe the key differences between the commercial mortgage market and the residential mortgage market • List the steps in a typical commercial mortgage transaction 2.

Module 2: The Application • Complete a mortgage checklist • List the information required to be obtained from a potential borrower • Understand the purpose of a Letter of Engagement 3.

Module 3: Application Analysis – Income and Appraisal  • Describe how Financial Statements are used in the underwriting process • Understand the importance of the Net Operating Income (NOI) • List what is included when calculating the NOI • List what is excluded when calculating the NOI • Use the NOI and the Rate of Return to determine value • Identify a commercial appraisal 4.

Module 4: Application Analysis – Ratios : • Define the DSCR • Understand the importance of the DSCR • Calculate the DSCR • Determine the maximum loan amount using the DSCR and the LTV 5.

Module 5: Application Analysis – Credit  • Differentiate between the credit report a consumer receives and the report an Agent/Broker receives • List the main credit bureaus in Canada • Interpret and analyze a credit report • Explain the components of a credit score • Recognize a Dun & Bradstreet commercial credit report 6.

Module 6: Application Analysis – Environmental Assessment  • Define an ESA • Explain the differences between a Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 ESA 7.

Module 7: Submitting the Application and Obtaining a Letter of Intent  • List the different commercial lenders in the marketplace • List the required contents of an application package • Identify a Letter of Intent • Identify a Commitment Letter

We hope to see you there!

Joe White


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