Mortgage Brokers: 6 Deadly Marketing Myths BUSTED


Social Media marketing has become quite a hot commodity over the past several years, and rightly so.  It can be an incredibly effective, inexpensive marketing method for mortgage brokers (and everyone else) that maximizes your ROI (return on investment) while requiring less experience than necessary to develop traditional marketing materials. The main issue that I’ve also found with this method, however, is determining exactly what is most effective for mortgage brokers, and what is, quite frankly, a waste of time.

What’s the challenge for mortgage brokers?

socialmediaThe challenge in answering that question is that measuring the effectiveness of a mortgage broker’s social media marketing is somewhat difficult.  The idea that we need to have conversations with those we’re engaging via social media sounds like it makes sense.  The more you converse with the twitterverse, for example, the higher your success rates. But is that true?  Do you really need to spend hours every day tweeting, posting to facebook, and just generally conversing with those who are following, friending and liking you? These questions, and others, are answered in the fantastic eBook, “6 Deadly Marketing Myths BUSTED” by “social media scientist” Dan Zarrella.  In this eBook he addresses the following myths:

  1. Social Media is for conversations, not broadcasting
  2. “Please retweet” doesn’t work
  3. Don’t market on the weekends
  4. Don’t call yourself a “guru”
  5. Send less email
  6. “Klout” (no not clout) is worthless

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