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Mortgage Calculators and Mortgage Payment Calculators

Mortgage brokering in Ontario is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and requires a license.  To obtain a license you must first pass an accredited course.  The Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada Inc. (REMIC) is accredited by FSCO to provide the course.  For more information please visit us at or call us at 877-447-3642

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage calculators can be useful for both mortgage agents and mortgage brokers as well as real estate agents.  The following list of 19 mortgage calculators are included here to assist the real estate professional with his or her business.  Using these mortgage calculators will help you advise your client and make comparisons between options that your client may be considering.  By comparing options you will provide more choice than the average mortgage agent, mortgage broker or real estate agent and separate yourself from your competition.

Consider embedding this mortgage calculator on your own website to give potential clients a reason to visit.  Also add text to the page that you are putting these mortgage calculators on, much live we’ve done here.  Doing so will aid in improving your search engine rankings.  This will make your page more accessible to those searching for mortgage calculators.

Ensure that you also have a call to action on your site.  In other words, don’t just have a set of mortgage calculators but give your visitor something to sign up to, like an informative newsletter.  Adding value is key to any successful website strategy.

  1. Calculate mortgage payment with the mortgage payment calculator
  2. Calculate mortgage principal with the mortgage principal calculator
  3. Should I refinance?
  4. Calculate interest only payments with the interest only mortgage calculator
  5. Calculate affordability with the affordability mortgage calculator
  6. Calculate accelerated payments with “What if I pay more every month”
  7. Calculate the real APR (annual percentage rate) with the APR mortgage calculator
  8. Calculate the payment per thousand
  9. Calculate buying down an interest rate
  10. Calculate how much income is needed for the mortgage approval
  11. Calculate rent vs. buy
  12. Calculate using a HELOC to pay down debts
  13. Calculate the length of time to pay off credit cards at the minimum payment
  14. Calculate how to pay off credit cards faster
  15. Mortgage Length Calculator
  16. Standard vs. Bi-weekly calculator
  17. Tax benefits calculator (US)
  18. Compare two mortgage loans