• Very useful information for website lead capture. Something I can use for my website right away!
    Harmel J.
    - Student
  • Very upbeat… Joe had everyone engaged throughout the entire session. I enjoyed and learned a lot from this session too!
    Nasreen A.
    - Student
  • Well done. At first I thought I knew all about LinkedIn. From this I realized the potential it has and the to my surprise things that I could do that I totally was unaware of.
    Omar B.
    - Student
  • I love the way Joe presents his material. He has my full attention I was hanging on every word he spoke. Keep up the good work Joseph!
    Troylene H.
  • Liked everything he had to say very motivating!
    Roger S.
  • He was very articulate… had every one engaged throughout his presentation. Personally learned a lot from this session.
    Nasreen A.
  • Some very valuable aspects of buying behavior were illustrated. It was very informative especially about behavioral buying.
    Ravinder K.
  • It was something different than the usual sales and marketing presentations. Very engaging!
    Harmel J.
  • The whole day was pertinent to any Mortgage Agent's business. All speakers provided informative content that will be useful in generating new leads. Well done Joe!
    Paul T.
  • Very informative. Kevin is a great presenter! He is entertaining, personable and professional.
    Corey D.
  • Can you clone him? Mr. Rallings insisted on the class using our practical knowledge reasoning and experience to answer everything so it made sense. I appreciate his humor and candor.
    Susan H.

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FREE FOR REMIC STUDENTS – presented by the REMIC Team

Location: 307-2175 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto from 9AM – 12PM

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Speakers may include Joe White, Cain Daniel and Stephen Cairns

For more info and a bio click on each of their images below.

President and CEO

Joseph J. White has been involved in the mortgage industry since 1988. He began his career as a mortgage agent, and in the mortgage lending sector of the industry he has held positions as National Sales Manager and VP of Sales with two national mortgage lenders.

In the industry’s mortgage brokering sector he is a licensed mortgage broker and has been a partner at a successful mortgage brokerage, manager at two national brokerages, principal broker at a commercial brokerage, founder of a mortgage investment corporation, and is owner and principal broker of his own boutique brokerage.

As an educator, Mr. White has been educating the mortgage industry since 1996.  During his 14 years at Seneca College he was a professor and program coordinator and is currently President of the Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada Inc. (REMIC).  Mr. White has developed several courses for Seneca College, including the first mortgage broker education program in Ontario,  as well as the mortgage agent course.  He has written two textbooks used in the mortgage industry and by over 20 Ontario colleges with over twenty thousand copies in print, in addition to several business focused books and e-books. He has instructed over fifteen thousand students and in 2003 won the Excellence Award for teaching and leadership excellence at Seneca College. 

VP, Education and Strategic Partnerships

Cain Daniel has been involved in the mortgage and education industry for the past 10 years. He is a licensed mortgage agent as well co-founder of a small boutique mortgage brokerage in Ontario. Cain has previously held positions with both a national mortgage brokerage firm and an Ontario Credit Union. His previous roles include training and development for a national financial services company, as well as an instructor while living abroad.

Cain has maintained his position at REMIC a for the past 8 years and has positioned himself as an integral part of REMIC’s strategic planning, process implementation and business development. His work with sales training modules, marketing content, and social media workshops has helped give REMIC students the competitive edge they need to succeed.

Cain continues to help mortgage brokerages grow their businesses through the implementation of training programs designed to increase their market share and overall agent performance.

VP of Insurance

25+ years in the life insurance business

VP of Insurance at REMIC

Stephen’s personality is one that does not allow himself to sit on the sidelines. He had coached minor hockey in Montreal for years and upon moving to Toronto he continued coaching at a Rep level north of the GTA.

With the time he has spent cold calling, finding ways to build his business and countless hours coaching he is very excited to transfer all of his energy to building REMIC Insurance.