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How Strong is Your Web Presence? SEO Myths Debunked!

Chances are, you’ve heard some hype about search engine optimization (SEO) and you appreciate the importance of being visible online. You’ve familiarized yourself with internet marketing, and you’ve created a website to help bolster your personal brand as a mortgage broker. The question is, how well is this working for you? Why is Search Engine Optimization […]

6 Tips for Generating Leads with Database Marketing

6 Tips for Generating Leads with Database Marketing One of the biggest misconceptions we hear in this industry is that data-based marketing is primarily used by large businesses with massive databases. This is simply not true. Regardless of the size of your business, data-driven marketing can become an irresistible vehicle for generating leads and closing […]

The Art of Differentiation

The Art of Differentiation The art of differentiation comes in a variety of forms. In the mortgage industry it is important to understand that most lenders and mortgage brokerages are offering the same product: money. Since the consumer sees the product as virtually identical between brokerages and lenders, it is necessary to develop a marketing […]

What is Mortgage Creditor Insurance?

What is Mortgage Creditor Insurance? There are two types of mortgage creditor insurance. The first is typically a life insurance policy provided to a borrower by an institutional lender. The second is a life insurance policy provided to a borrower through a third party, such as the Mortgage Protection Plan (MPP), that is not affiliated with an […]

Private Mortgage Lenders in Ontario

Private Mortgage Lenders in Ontario Private mortgage lenders in Ontario have always been and continue to be a major source of funds for many mortgage brokers.  Until the recent influx of institutional sub-prime lenders into the market, the primary means of financing for borrowers who were declined by banks, trust companies, and credit unions was […]

Interest Only Mortgage

Interest Only Mortgage The interest only mortgage is straightforward.  The borrower takes out a lump sum of money and only repays the interest due each payment period.  This means that, throughout the life of the mortgage, the borrower will always owe the same amount of principal.

What is Mortgage Default Insurance?

What is Mortgage Default Insurance? Mortgage default insurance is an insurance policy between the insurer and the lender that will compensate the lender for losses suffered on an insured loan. It’s important to note that mortgage default insurance does not compensate the borrower. Background The Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, a Crown Corporation now known as Canada […]

Power of Sale in Ontario

Power of Sale in Ontario The power of sale in Ontario begins when a borrower defaults on his or her mortgage obligations, including any of the covenants contained in the Standard Charge Terms, the lender can consider the borrower to be in default. When this occurs the lender may commence certain actions to collect the outstanding […]

Understanding Your Credit Score

Understanding Your Credit Score In understanding your credit score we must first define what it is. The Credit Score is a numerical representation of your current and past credit and can range between 300 (the lowest score representing the worst) and 900 (the highest score representing the best). The scoring model used by Equifax and Transunion […]

Co-Ownership of Real Property

Co-Ownership of Real Property Property can be owned by an individual or by several individuals, referred to as co-ownership.  Co-ownership occurs in one of two ways: by a tenancy in common or through a joint tenancy.