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Close More Deals By Leveraging Your Client Database

4 Free Tools To Prospect and Manage Your Client Database Database marketing is the function of warehousing potential and existing client information in an electronic medium that allows the user to assemble or list these clients in groups to whom marketing efforts may be directed.  Database marketing begins with a single client and can be […]

Understanding Your Credit Score

Understanding Your Credit Score In understanding your credit score we must first define what it is. The Credit Score is a numerical representation of your current and past credit and can range between 300 (the lowest score representing the worst) and 900 (the highest score representing the best). The scoring model used by Equifax and Transunion […]

What To Expect A Borrower To Expect

The following four expectations form the cornerstone of the transaction. By ensuring that these expectations are met, the mortgage agent will develop a strong relationship with the borrower and ensure that the industry as a whole is well represented. 

8 Dynamite Ways to Get More Mortgage Referral Sources

Referrals refer to those clients who have been advised to do business with the mortgage agent by a third party. A client may be referred to him or her by a financial planner, a Real Estate saleperson, an insurance agent, a past client, or whoever has come into contact with the mortgage agent in the past. This […]