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6 Popular Social Media Platforms – Which Ones Should You Use?

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform For Your Business So everyone’s always talking about social media and it’s benefits, but what you’re really wondering is: Is it worth the effort? Do smaller businesses get attention? How often should I be using it? Which social media platforms are relevant for my business?

How to Win a Face-2-Face Client Meeting

How to Win a Face-2-Face Client Meeting There are three basic places where a mortgage agent can meet a client: The client’s home The mortgage agent’s office Another outside location. There are several positives and negatives for each location, but it is important to focus on providing good customer service for the client, so wherever […]

Real Estate Salesperson vs. Mortgage Agent

Getting your real estate license vs. mortgage agent license Real Estate Salesperson So you want to be a Real Estate Salesperson, eh?