REMIC Vaccination Statement

Current as of:

Since the beginning of this pandemic, REMIC has made the health and safety of our staff and students our main priority.

From being the first in the industry to convert all in-person classes to live, interactive webcasts, we have focused on doing what is best for our staff and students. Our entire staff is fully vaccinated, and we continue to enforce strict safety protocols, including the requirement for all approved students to wear masks and social distance whenever in our office locations.

As COVID-19 is a threat to every person in Canada, REMIC has mandated that vaccination is a condition for students and employees to enter a REMIC location, until further notice.

We are NOT requiring anyone to get a vaccine. Live webcasts, online courses and online examinations are not affected by this policy. Anyone who wishes to complete a REMIC course can do so fully online.

However, to continue to protect the health of our staff and students, and stop the spread of infections, vaccinations are a condition of entering a REMIC location.

In making this policy, we are in line with colleges, universities and other businesses throughout Ontario.

We are committed to protecting the health of our employees and students, as well as their families and loved ones. We believe that this policy furthers that commitment.

We thank you for your understanding and support.


Joe White

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