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Condo Fraud gets convictions

Traditionally, when we think about bad behavior, we think about character.

But psychologists who study bad behavior — who study, say, fraud in the business world — have found that that character doesn’t explain everything. They’ve found that a lot of unethical behavior can be explained by cognitive errors — errors that affect almost everyone.

In this podcast from NPR’s Planet Money ( we talk to a man who started out as an upstanding businessman, and went on to commit bank fraud involving millions of dollars. It drove several companies out of business and resulted in the loss of around a hundred jobs.

We try to figure out why he did it, and what it means for the rest of us.  Follow the link to listen to the podcast

Joe White
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Joe White

President at REMIC
Joseph J. White has been involved in the mortgage industry for over 22 years. He began his career as a mortgage agent, and in the mortgage lending sector of the industry he has held positions as National Sales Manager and VP of Sales with two national mortgage lenders, and has owned a mortgage investment corporation.

In the industry’s mortgage brokering sector he is a licensed mortgage broker and has been a partner at a successful mortgage brokerage, principal broker at a commercial brokerage, and owner of his own boutique brokerage.

As an educator, Mr. White has been educating the mortgage industry for over 13 years and is currently President of the Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada Inc. (REMIC). Mr. White has written two textbooks used in the mortgage industry and by over 20 Ontario colleges, as well as several business focused e-books. He has instructed over twelve thousand students and in 2003 won the Excellence Award for teaching and leadership excellence at Seneca College.
Joe White
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