5 Winning Strategies to Engage Your Customers Online

When you think of online customer engagement, social media automatically comes to mind. However, simply creating those social media pages is not enough. It’s no surprise that approximately 72% of all internet users are now active on social media – with 71% accessing these sites using a mobile device. The ultimate goal of any social media page for your business should be to engage potential customers. By now we’ve all heard about the importance of content marketing, but many are unaware of where to start or what to do with the content they create. Below are 5 easy ways to prep your business for content marketing and online customer engagement:

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Create ‘branded’ social media pages

  • Determine which social sites will be worth the time (ex: what do your target customers use?)
  • Use a high quality company logo and follow the guidelines as required
  • Develop a visually attractive header/cover photo to showcase your company
  • Update your company contact info with website/address/phone number etc
  • Don’t have a graphic designer? Try using Canva and design like a pro for free.

Content Curation

  • Determine what type of content your customers would be searching for online
  • Collect relevant content (news articles, blogs, infographics, e-books, etc) from industry leaders and professionals (ex: fellow industry bloggers, industry authorities)
  • Don’t know where to find content? Try using Feedly, LinkedIn Pulse, Google Trends, Digg
  • Want to organize content? Try Pocket, InstaPaper, Curata, Trello

Content Creation

Posting on a schedule

Spark conversations and promote content

53% of surveyed Twitter users expect a response from brands they reach out to on Twitter in less than an hour – 72% when there is a complaint (Hubspot).

  • Respond to customer comments or direct messages (DM)
  • Retweet (RT), Favourite, Like customer comments
  • Shoutout (S/O) new followers (ex: #FollowFriday #FF)
  • Create polls to ask fans/followers for their opinion
  • Offer discounts, promotions or run a contest to encourage engagement
  • Promote content by submitting it to content discovery sites
  • Try content submission on Buffer, Slideshare, StumbleUpon, Outbrain, BuzzStream

While social media may seem daunting, the key thing to remember is that your customers appreciate quick responses, consistent posting, custom content, and rewards for being your fan/follower. When in doubt, think from the POV of your customer: What’s in it for me? You will quickly realize where your customers’ needs lie and tailor content to reflect this.

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