Backlinks – REMIC shows you what you really need to know!

Backlinks: the wave of the future? No, thJoe Whiteey're the wave of the here and now! There has been a significant change in marketing over the past several years, with online marketing outpacing print advertising. As more and more people shop and research major purchases online, it's more important than ever before to have a website that can be found by consumers!

The competition in the mortgage industry is some of the fiercest in marketing. Banks, finance companies, trust companies, credit unions, and of course mortgage brokers are all fighting for the same clients. So how can you optimize your website and get that all important high page rank?


Backlinks are like being popular in school. Backlinks are simply incoming or inbound links to your website or web page received from another website or web page. A business that doesn’t generate these inbound links hurts its page rank. A lower page rank is like having a store front on a busy street that is hidden behind a huge tarp. Your store is there but no one can see it!

So how can you generate these inbound links?

Through link building: the key off-page search engine optimization factor. The more links you have pointing to your site, the more traffic and better rankings you can secure through search engines. Inbound links bring three major benefits to your business:

  1. Brand exposure and awareness
  2. Direct/indirect traffic (and leads)
  3. Search engine rankings (residual traffic)

Social media becomes a key tool in attracting a large number of inbound links at a low cost. In this guide, Hubspot, a great resource for online marketing material examines how to magnetize others to link to your site without spending a red cent on advertising or other promotions. Get ready to learn the ten quick ways in which you can start collecting inbound links organically.

Click here for the free Hubspot guide!

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