FSCO Mortgage Broker Investor Lender Disclosure Forms July 1 2015 Slide Deck

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FSCO’s Mortgage Broker Investor Lender Disclosure Forms 2015 Slide Deck

Thanks for joining us for this webinar (the download for the slide deck is at the bottom of this page).  You can access our other information packed sessions, some free webinars and others paid workshops, at www.remic.ca/events

As discussed, if you wish to learn even more about mortgage investing we suggest you register for “Fundamentals of Mortgage Investing (FMI100)”

To register for the July 29th event in Mississauga from 10 am to 4 pm click here

The regular price is $198, on special for $148, but you have access to the discounted price of $98 when you use this discount code: july02

FMI100 covers the following topics:

Overview of the mortgage investment industry

  • Private mortgage
  • Syndicated mortgage
  • Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)
  • Comparing mortgage investments to other forms of investments

Funding Sources

  • Sources of funds, i.e. using RRSP and registered funds
  • Advertising / marketing to borrowers

Rates of Return

  • Interest rates
  • Selling a mortgage
  • Ensuring rates and fees are legal


  • Exit strategies
  • Underwriting syndicated mortgages
  • Underwriting private mortgages

Investor/Lender Protection

  • Knowing your investor/lender
  • Material risks
  • Investor/lender disclosure

I look forward to seeing you there!



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